Below you will find a list of course titles for each subject by grade level.

A brief description of each corresponding product is provided by viewing on the webstore.

For a comprehensive breakdown all in one place, including weekly lessons and detailed course descriptions, the full Scope and Sequence book may be viewed or downloaded for free from the link to the right. If you would like a printed copy, you may order one from the support materials page on the webstore or by calling 1-800-700-5322.


B105 Old Testament Characters B110 Stories of Israel
B115 New Testament Characters B120 Miracles of Christ
B125 The Book of Acts B130 Bible Survey – Book by Book
B135 Book of Proverbs B140 The Book of Genesis
B145 Bible Survey B150 Bible Doctrines
B155 The Local Church B160 The Inspiration of the Scriptures

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E105 English Grade 01 E110 English Grade 02
E115 English Grade 03 E120 English Grade 04
E125 English Grade 05 E130 English Grade 06
E135 English Grade 07 E140 English Grade 08
E145 English Grade 09 – Grammar and Composition I E150 English Grade 10 – Grammar and Composition II
E155 English Grade 11 – Grammar and Composition III E160 English Grade 12 – Grammar and Composition IV

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History and Geography

H110 History Grade 02 – The U.S. Presidents H115 History Grade 03 – Great American Heros
H120 History Grade 04 – Our Fifty United States H125 History Grade 05 – The Beginner’s American History
H130 History Grade 06 – U.S. Geography H135 History Grade 07 – World Geography
H140 History Grade 08 – Introduction to World History H145 History Grade 09 – U.S. History
H150 History Grade 10 – Baptist History H155 History Grade 11 – Culture Wars / Current Events
H160 History Grade 12 – U.S. Government / Economics

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L105 Literature Grade 01 L110 Literature Grade 02
L115 Literature Grade 03 L120 Literature Grade 04
L125 Literature Grade 05 L130 Literature Grade 06
L135 Literature Grade 07 – Character-Building Stories and Legends L140 Literature Grade 08 – Character-Building Biographies
L145 Literature Grade 09 – Character-Building Favorites L150 Literature Grade 10 – John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress
L155 Literature Grade 11 – John Bunyan’s The Holy War L160 Literature Grade 12 – Literature Classics

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M105 Math Grade 01 M110 Math Grade 02
M115 Math Grade 03 M120 Math Grade 04
M125 Math Grade 05 M130 Math Grade 06
M135 Math Grade 07 M140 Math Grade 08 – Math Foundations / Pre-Algebra
M145 Algebra I M150 Geometry
M155 Algebra II M160 Business Math

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S105 Science Grade 01 – God’s Wonderful Creations S110 Science Grade 02 – Nature Science
S115 Science Grade 03 – Creation Day-by-Day S120 Science Grade 04 – Our World : Scientific Facts
S125 Science Grade 05 – Beginner’s Physiology & Health S130 Science Grade 06 – Earth Science
S135 Science Grade 07 – Biological Science S140 Science Grade 08 – General Science
S145 Science Grade 09 – Physical Science S150 Science Grade 10 – Biology
S155 Science Grade 11 – Health / Dynamic Biblical Living S160 Science Grade 12 – Scientific Creationism

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B250 Romans, Corinthians, Galatians H120 Culture Wars / Current Issues
V702 Penmanship V730 Principles of Music
V736 Home Economics V737 Shop
V738 Personal Development (for young ladies) V739 Personal Development (for young men)
V740 Spanish I V750 Spanish II
V741 Computer Literacy V742 Computer Keyboarding

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