Records Keeping

The Academy program assists you in your homeschooling effort by providing records keeping, including:

Student Grade Reports – You will be responsible for grading all Study guides, Weekly Quizzes, and Quarter Tests and for recording these scores on a Student Grade Report form. At the end of each semester, you will submit these report forms to the Academy office to be recorded. We will then update the student’s file and issue a Report Card.

Cumulative File – The Academy office keeps an up-to-date cumulative record for each student enrolled in the Academy. This service will prove valuable should your student transfer out of the Academy program, and will serve in the creation of a transcript at the time of graduation.

Testing Results – Each year’s achievement testing results will be recorded in the student’s cumulative file.

Transcript – Upon completion of all graduation requirements, a transcript will be prepared, which will be available to requesting institutions.

Academic Support

Landmark Christian Academy is not a teaching agency, but does provide limited academic support to enrolled families. We do not tutor students, but if you as a parent have a question about the use of the curriculum, or if you need help with a particular activity, we will try to help. Please understand that the low cost of our service means that we cannot spend hours on the telephone with individual parents.

Note: All calls to the Academy office for academic support should be placed by parents, not by students.

Graduation Ceremony

Students who graduate from Landmark Christian Academy are honored by a special graduation ceremony at Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City, Florida. Caps, gowns, tassels, and reception items will be provided at a standard charge. The Academy offices will be assisting graduates’ families with finding accommodations for that weekend.