Grade 12

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Bible Grade 12 - The Inspiration of the Scriptures (B160)
This course teaches on the preservation of God’s Holy Word for the English-speaking world, the Authorized King James Bible of 1611. Each week has vocabulary, reinforcement activities, and a Bible memorization assignment.
English Grade 12 - English Grammar and Composition IV (E160)
This course covers three areas. Grammar includes vocabulary improvement and a review of grammar rules and usage. Composition includes book reviews and a research paper. Literature includes reading and answering questions from a portion of The Pilgrim’s Progress, In His Steps, and Pride and Prejudice (books included in set).
History Grade 12 - U.S. Government & Economics (H160)
U.S. Government (H160) - This course presents the principles of the Biblical philosophy of government as originally established by the Founding Fathers and as practiced in the American system. Students will also be exposed to numerous writings on America’s Christian heritage and will learn to apply principles of government from Bible passages.

Economics (H161) - In Economics, the student will learn Biblical principles of finance for personal, business, and national scope. This course was designed to be practical enough to impact the student’s life.
Literature Grade 12 - Literature Classics (ELECTIVE) (L160)
This course is composed of stories, essays, and poems all related to the history of America. This anthology will guide the student in forming spiritual values, in developing perception and aesthetic appreciation, and in exercising the lively imagination with which he is by nature endowed. Each week contains vocabulary words; comprehension activities, and Bible memorization of a verse pertinent to the moral or practical lesson presented in the reading selection.
Math Grade 12 - Business Math (M160)
This course will lead the student into some new areas that will benefit him/her in everyday living. It includes important information on scriptural principles of personal finances including local church tithing, Faith Promise Missions giving, and conservative views of taxes and financial planning. Preparing a budget, doing income taxes, balancing a checkbook, writing checks, percentage, percentage of profit, life insurance, health insurance, buying a car, the costs of owning and operating a car, credit, and many other exciting and practical topics are covered.
Science Grade 12 - Scientific Creationism (S160)
Students begin their study with Special Creation – Genesis 1:1. The Gap Theory, other theories of origin, Charles Darwin, Organic Evolution, The Genesis Flood, and The Geological Column are just a few of the topics covered.
Support - Business Math Solutionguide (P960)
These guides offer step-by-step solutions to all multi-step problems. While the Studyguide Answers give the answers to the problems, the Solution Guides give detail to help you see how the problems are solved. This is a must for high school math teachers and homeschoolers.
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