Grade 11

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Bible Grade 11 - The Local Church (B155)
This course is about the local church: God’s plan and program to carry on His work in this world. The text is an “in the trenches” treatise, most of which was written by busy pastors wearing many hats, who have staunch Bible convictions about what they are writing. Each week has vocabulary, reinforcement activities, Bible memory, and a report on a topic relevant to that week’s material.
English Grade 11 - English Grammar and Composition III (E155)
This course covers grammar, usage, writing, and literature. During the third quarter the student is taught the procedure for writing a formal term paper. Each week covers a specific step in the building process of putting together a high quality finished paper. Literature includes reading and answering questions from Robinson Crusoe and The Scarlet Letter (books included in set).
History Grade 11 - Culture War / Current Issues (ELECTIVE) (H155)
In this course, the author Dr. Phil Stringer exposes the truth about America’s movement away from the principles of Biblical Christianity upon which it was founded to the relativistic thinking of secular humanism. The Culture War in modern America is no accident, but a carefully orchestrated attack of Satan against the church, against individual Christians, against our Constitution, and against our religious liberties. Each week contains Bible memorization and thought questions, essays, and /or reports.
Literature Grade 11 - John Bunyan's The Holy War (ELECTIVE) (L155)
The Holy War is another classic allegory by John Bunyan. In it Bunyan describes the battle of the ages for the souls of mankind. The spiritual truths taught in Bunyan’s book are rich treasures. Each week contains vocabulary words; comprehension activities, and Bible memorization of a verse pertinent to the moral or practical lesson presented in the reading selection.
Math Grade 11 - Algebra II (M155)
Algebra II is built logically, moving smoothly from one concept to another. Letters are used to represent numbers in expressions and equations. Expressions are simplified and equations are solved. As they work with the axioms, rules and principles of algebra, students are encouraged to use their reasoning ability.
Science Grade 11 - Health & Dynamic Biblical Living (S155)
Health (S155) - This one semester course includes very practical presentations of the human body. Special emphasis is given to the importance of moral purity, including a study of God’s moral code as found in the Scriptures. This strongly Bible-based material has been preached and taught to young people with tremendous success for several years by a fundamental Baptist preacher.
Dynamic Biblical Living (S156) - This Scripture-based course deals with issues vital to enabling our Christian young people to develop into solid and mature Bible-knowing and God-loving Christians. The course deals with preparing one’s heart and mind for gleaning truths from the Word of God. Then, it progressively teaches how to correctly interpret Scripture and to practically apply its teachings to our lives. This is a one semester course.
Support - Algebra II Solutionguide (P955)
These guides offer step-by-step solutions to all multi-step problems. While the Studyguide Answers give the answers to the problems, the Solution Guides give detail to help you see how the problems are solved. This is a must for high school math teachers and homeschoolers.
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