Grade 9

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Bible Grade 09 - Bible Survey (B145)
This course takes students completely through the Bible in a book by book study, dealing with important characters, events, and topics from each book of the Bible. This course will provide an important foundation for continuing Bible study in the high school years.
English Grade 09 - English Grammar and Composition I (E145)
This course includes a review of the parts of speech, verb usage, etc., composition beginning with sentences and developing into paragraphs, critical book review, and finally a comprehensive research paper. Literature includes reading and answering questions from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (book included in set)
History Grade 09 - U.S. History (H145)
This course covers American history from exploration to the current culture war. Lessons are covered from a Biblical viewpoint and include vocabulary, memorization, and essay.
Literature Grade 09 - Character-Building Favorites (ELECTIVE) (L145)
Many of the selections have historical significance, embodying information of immediate usefulness or serving as stepping stones for future history study. Other selections illuminate certain phases of living or enlarge the sympathies toward other ways of living. Still others introduce the reader to characters who are eminently worth meeting. These selections are not all necessarily Christian in their philosophy, but the impact they make is positive, and many of them reflect or apply Christian principles. Each week contains vocabulary words; comprehension activities, and Bible memorization of a verse pertinent to the moral or practical lesson presented in the reading selection.
Math Grade 09 - Algebra I (M145)
Algebra I is built logically, moving smoothly from one concept to another. Letters are used to represent numbers in expressions and equations. Expressions are simplified and equations are solved. As they work with the axioms, rules and principles of algebra, students are encouraged to use their reasoning ability. Revised 2007.
Science Grade 09 - Physical Science (S145)
This course teaches the basics of physical science, including a discussion of the nature of science. It covers the scientific method, physical forces such as gravity and centrifugal force, basic chemical properties of matter, sound, light, heat, and other forms of energy.
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