Grade 8

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Bible Grade 08 - The Book of Genesis (B140)
Genesis gives us a foundation for the rest of the Bible. All major doctrines have their basis in this book. Each week begins with vocabulary, and includes a Bible verse appropriate to the text for memorization.
English Grade 08 (E140)
Sentence structure, kinds of sentences, punctuation and capitalization rules, recognizing and diagramming all eight parts of speech, contractions, antonyms, homonyms, using troublesome words correctly, and writing compositions are all covered throughout the course of the year.
History Grade 08 - Introduction to World History (H140)
This course emphasizes the relationship of Biblical principles to the introductory study of World History. Each week contains a section called “What Saith the Scripture” in which the student will apply the Bible to history, or see how Bible prophecies have been fulfilled in history. Bible memorization is assigned each week and thought questions and reports are assigned regularly. Two major writing projects are completed throughout the year: one on the life of Moses and one on salvation by grace through faith versus salvation by works.
Literature Grade 08 - Character-Building Biographies (L140)
Many of the selections have historical significance, embodying information of immediate usefulness or serving as stepping stones for future history study. Other selections illuminate certain phases of living or enlarge the sympathies toward other ways of living. Still others introduce the reader to characters who are eminently worth meeting. These selections are not all necessarily Christian in their philosophy, but the impact they make is positive, and many of them reflect or apply Christian principles. Each week contains vocabulary words; comprehension activities, and Bible memorization of a verse pertinent to the moral or practical lesson presented in the reading selection.
Math Grade 08 - Math Foundations / Pre-Algebra (M140)
This course includes a review of all mathematical topics. Place value of whole numbers, rounding off; review of fundamental skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals; percents: converting to decimals and fractions; graphs; English and metric measures, converting measures, review of linear, square, and cubic measure; basic geometric concepts; using formulas; measuring angles; negative numbers in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; equations; and exponents are taught and reviewed.
Science Grade 08 - General Science (S140)
Students begin their study with a section on the solar system. The course also includes information on water, the earth’s crust, weather, and plants. Special projects are required every nine weeks.
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