Grade 7

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Bible Grade 07 - Book of Proverbs (B135)
Proverbs deals with many principles concerning young people. Each week has vocabulary, reinforcement activities, a Bible memorization assignment appropriate to the text, and ends with a report on a topic relevant to that week’s material.
English Grade 07 (E135)
Sentence structure, kinds of sentences, punctuation and capitalization rules, recognizing and diagraming all eight parts of speech, contractions, antonyms, homonyms, using troublesome words correctly, and writing compositions are all covered throughout the course of the year. Spelling 7 contains 36 weeks of spelling lists with activities and glossary.
History Grade 07 - World Geography (H135)
This course is a study of the World and its physical features including mountains, rivers, boundaries of countries, cities, and the effect of location on climate, resources, population and products. A variety of illustrations and maps are used to help the student to understand the continents and nations of the world.
Literature Grade 07 - Character-Building Stories and Legends (L135)
Many of the selections have historical significance, embodying information of immediate usefulness or serving as stepping stones for future history study. Other selections illuminate certain phases of living or enlarge the sympathies toward other ways of living. Still others introduce the reader to characters who are eminently worth meeting. These selections are not all necessarily Christian in their philosophy, but the impact they make is positive, and many of them reflect or apply Christian principles. Each week contains vocabulary words; comprehension activities, and Bible memorization of a verse pertinent to the moral or practical lesson presented in the reading selection.
Math Grade 07 (M135)
Students review and build on concepts learned. Place value of whole numbers, rounding off; review of fundamental skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals; English and metric measures, converting measures; percents: changing percents to fractions and fractions to percents; changing percents to decimals and decimals to percents; finding percent of a number; perimeter, area, circumference.
Science Grade 07 - Biological Science (S135)
This course covers The Plant Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, and The Human Kingdom. Revised for the 2007/2008 school year, the course now includes more detailed material on each kingdom, and has many new pictures to supplement the lessons. Special projects are required in several of the weeks, reinforcing concepts taught.
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