Grade 6

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Bible Grade 06 - Bible Survey - Book by Book (B130)
This course gives a broad overview of the Bible, God’s Holy Word. A survey of each book is given. Each week begins with vocabulary, a Bible story, reinforcement activities and a Bible verse appropriate to the text for memorization.
English Grade 06 (E130)
Sentence structure, kinds of sentences, punctuation and capitalization rules, recognizing and diagraming all eight parts of speech, contractions, antonyms, homonyms, using troublesome words correctly, letter writing – friendly, business, thank-you notes, and writing compositions are all covered throughout the course of the year. Spelling 6 contains 36 weeks of spelling lists with activities and glossary.
History Grade 06 - U.S. Geography (H130)
This course is a study of the United States and its physical features including mountains, rivers, boundaries of states, cities, and the effect of location on climate, resources, population and products. Each week has varied projects pertaining to material covered. A variety of illustrations and maps helps the student understand the contents.
Literature Grade 06 (L130)
Vocabulary words and definitions; comprehension activities; McGuffey’s Sixth Eclectic Reader is used for reading comprehension and oral reading. Book reports are required every three weeks. Numerous selections of poetry are also included.
Math Grade 06 (M130)
Students review and build on concepts learned. Place value of whole numbers; rounding off; review of fundamental skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; fractions and decimals: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing; decimals: changing to fractions; English and metric measures, converting from one metric unit to another; percents as fractions, decimals; measuring angles; bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs; perimeter, area, circumference, and volume; algebraic equations; and integers are all taught.
Science Grade 06 - Earth Science (S130)
Students learn about electricity, magnets, fuels, sounds, climate, water, plants, conservation, and other topics from God’s viewpoint.
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