Grade 4

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Bible Grade 04 - Miracles of Christ (B120)
The many miracles that Christ performed are used in this study of the New Testament. Each week begins with vocabulary, and includes a Bible story from the life of Christ, reinforcement activities, and a Bible verse appropriate to the text for memorization.
English Grade 04 (E120)
Sentence structure, kinds of sentences, punctuation and capitalization rules, recognizing and using all eight parts of speech, contractions, antonyms, homonyms, alphabetizing of words, dictionary skills, letter writing, and writing compositions are all covered throughout the course of the year. Spelling 4 contains 36 weeks of spelling lists with activities and glossary.
History Grade 04 - Our Fifty United States (H120)
This study of Our Fifty States begins with the state of Maine and continues through to Hawaii. Each week involves map activities with the student learning to identify and label major geographical points on the maps. During the last three weeks of the year, the student will complete an outlined project on his/her own home state. This research project will expand upon the important historical and geographical material studied throughout the year.
Literature Grade 04 (L120)
Vocabulary words and definitions; comprehension activities; McGuffey’s Fourth Eclectic Reader is used for reading comprehension and oral reading. Book reports are required every six weeks. Bible memorization is assigned throughout the year with Bible verses pertaining to the moral or practical lesson taught in the week’s reading assignments.
Math Grade 04 (M120)
All basic concepts and skills learned in third grade are reviewed. Place value to millions; English and metric measures; perimeter and area; factoring; adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions; multiplying three-digit factors; reducing fractions; time lapse; multiples; basic geometric shapes; divisibility rules; five steps in division; reading a thermometer; writing decimals; and word problems are all taught and reviewed.
Science Grade 04 - Our World : Scientific Facts (S120)
This course is an introductory preview of the many facets of the scientific world. Some of the topics are: forms of matter; atoms; magnets; weather; plant life; and animal growth and development.
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