Grade 2

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Bible Grade 02 - Stories of Israel (B110)
Many great men from Abraham’s family are used in the study of the history of Israel. Each week begins with vocabulary, and includes a Bible verse appropriate to the text for memorization.
English Grade 02 (E110)
Capitalization, kinds of sentences, correct punctuation at the end of sentences, recognition of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions, contractions, antonyms, homonyms, alphabetizing of words, and writing compositions are all covered throughout the course of the year. Spelling 2 contains 36 weeks of spelling lists with activities.
History Grade 02 - The U.S. Presidents (H110)
Every entry about every President includes biographical information, such as birth date, date of death, and period served as President. Also included are sections about each President’s heritage background, and family, as well as accomplishments and significant items as President and afterwords. Each President’s religion is discussed and special interesting notes are given.
Literature Grade 02 (L110)
Vocabulary words and definitions; comprehension activities are all found in this course. McGuffey’s Second Eclectic Reader is used for reading comprehension and oral reading.
Math Grade 02 (M110)
Number recognition, counting, and writing to hundred thousands and beyond; addition and subtraction facts through 18; adding and subtracting two-digit numbers; multiplication and division facts to 5; measurement to one-quarter inch; scale drawings; addition with carrying to tens’ place and hundreds’ place; subtraction with borrowing from the tens’ place; multiplying and carrying to the tens’ place; solving money problems; telling time to the minute; fractions: finding a fraction of a group; and story problems.
Science Grade 02 - Nature Science (S110)
This course on natural science stimulates the student’s interest in science through a study of insects, birds, and animals. Wasps, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, hummingbirds, and beetles are just a few of the topics covered in this course. There are many bright graphics, exciting activities, and thorough reviews.
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