This refreshing program gives a student a basic understanding of science from the Christian Biblical viewpoint as presented in the Word of God. A proper study of these concepts helps familiarize the student with the basic body of knowledge necessary to being an informed Christian in a world of technology.
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Science Grade 01 - God's Wonderful Creations (S105)
This starting point course stimulates the student’s interest in science through a study of animals and insects. There are many bright graphics, exciting activities, and thorough reviews.
Science Grade 02 - Nature Science (S110)
This course on natural science stimulates the student’s interest in science through a study of insects, birds, and animals. Wasps, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, hummingbirds, and beetles are just a few of the topics covered in this course. There are many bright graphics, exciting activities, and thorough reviews.
Science Grade 03 - Creation Day-by-Day (S115)
This course presents the universe as the direct creation of God. The text presents the six days of creation and gives basic information about the items created on each day. The text and activities present a basic but stimulating coverage of many different areas of science, introducing each as the creation day warrants. Students will also work through several fun and interesting projects.
Science Grade 04 - Our World : Scientific Facts (S120)
This course is an introductory preview of the many facets of the scientific world. Some of the topics are: forms of matter; atoms; magnets; weather; plant life; and animal growth and development.
Science Grade 05 - Beginner's Physiology & Health (S125)
This course clearly teaches about our Creator and His special design of the human body. The skeleton, the brain and nerves, the blood and the circulatory system, the special senses, and enemies of good health are just some of the topics covered in this course.
Science Grade 06 - Earth Science (S130)
Students learn about electricity, magnets, fuels, sounds, climate, water, plants, conservation, and other topics from God’s viewpoint.
Science Grade 07 - Biological Science (S135)
This course covers The Plant Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, and The Human Kingdom. Revised for the 2007/2008 school year, the course now includes more detailed material on each kingdom, and has many new pictures to supplement the lessons. Special projects are required in several of the weeks, reinforcing concepts taught.
Science Grade 08 - General Science (S140)
Students begin their study with a section on the solar system. The course also includes information on water, the earth’s crust, weather, and plants. Special projects are required every nine weeks.
Science Grade 09 - Physical Science (S145)
This course teaches the basics of physical science, including a discussion of the nature of science. It covers the scientific method, physical forces such as gravity and centrifugal force, basic chemical properties of matter, sound, light, heat, and other forms of energy.
Science Grade 10 - Biology (S150)
This high school biology course covers cellular structure, the chemistry of living tissues, and different phylum's of animals and classes of plants. It also discusses the biology and anatomy of the human body, as well as discussing a Christian viewpoint of biology.
Science Grade 11 - Health & Dynamic Biblical Living (S155)
Health (S155) - This one semester course includes very practical presentations of the human body. Special emphasis is given to the importance of moral purity, including a study of God’s moral code as found in the Scriptures. This strongly Bible-based material has been preached and taught to young people with tremendous success for several years by a fundamental Baptist preacher.
Dynamic Biblical Living (S156) - This Scripture-based course deals with issues vital to enabling our Christian young people to develop into solid and mature Bible-knowing and God-loving Christians. The course deals with preparing one’s heart and mind for gleaning truths from the Word of God. Then, it progressively teaches how to correctly interpret Scripture and to practically apply its teachings to our lives. This is a one semester course.
Science Grade 12 - Scientific Creationism (S160)
Students begin their study with Special Creation – Genesis 1:1. The Gap Theory, other theories of origin, Charles Darwin, Organic Evolution, The Genesis Flood, and The Geological Column are just a few of the topics covered.
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