Please carefully read the following discount policy before contacting us to apply for a discount:

Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum is a ministry of Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City, Florida. We operate on a ministry budget. We are not a large, well funded curriculum business.

With this in mind, we understand the needs and struggles of other ministries and in particular the men of God who sacrifice to serve Him full time. We do require that some documentation of the worker’s position in the ministry be provided to us, such as a church tract, bulletin, prayer card, web link, etc. You will be assumed to be in agreement with our doctrinal statement.



In order to be a blessing to families of pastors, we offer a discounted price for our materials with some common sense qualifications. Our intention is to help those in the ministry who are low income and otherwise unable to home school their children. This could include a pastor or whose sole income is from a church but near or below the poverty level, or a bi-vocational pastor whose combined income is near or below the poverty level. We do not require proof of income, but ask that the discount be reserved for those who honestly believe that it is needed for their budget constraints.


Missionaries and Evangelists

We also extend this discount to missionaries who are on deputation, and to full-time missionaries or evangelists whose support level is insufficient to afford the regular cost of our curriculum.



Active duty US Military members may apply for a discount. One does not need to be in the ministry in order to qualify for this discount. We appreciate what you do to protect the freedoms we enjoy. We wish we could offer this to all veterans, but are not able to do so.


Hardship requests

These are considered on an individual basis and are rarely approved. An example may be a family who has experienced the loss of a husband/father, the loss of a home in a fire, etc., or other catastrophic life event. Generally, no more than three hardship requests per year will be processed by our office.

In every case, we ask that the discount only be used directly for the immediate family approved for it, and not shared with friends, other family, church members, etc. Your honesty in this matter will allow us to continue offering these discounts.

If you do not qualify for any of the above discounts, you can still request a discount if you are ordering complete grade levels for more than one student. This may not be used in combination with any other discount.
If you have carefully read the above policy and believe you may qualify,

please contact us at 1-800-700-5322 for processing.

  Click here for a PDF of this discount policy.